I have created this website because I have to express in my own words what following Jesus means to me.  I have seen quite a lot of people call themselves Christians, but act no better than people who do not even know God, much less Jesus. I get angry when I meet people that grew up going to church, but have turned away because they have never met Jesus through the people that supposedly follow him. So like I have heard so many times: if you were given the ability to see a problem, then you have the potential to fix it yourself. Since you can't change people, I do what part I can do to resolve this problem.  I can walk as close to following in Jesus' footsetps as possible, knowing I may be the only Jesus some people may ever see.  I want my life to be one where peope notice that I am different than the majority of the Christians out there and then proceed to ask me why.

I am far from perfect. And just because I say that I follow Jesus, does not mean I claim to be perfect.  I am just the opposite. I will be the first to admit my faults to myself and to those around me. because I know that I have nothing to offer this world in my own strength and knowledge. just do the best I can every day to be more and more like Jesus, and pray that my children follow me as I follow Jesus.

I am currently getting a little devotional book together to generate enough money to get a bed and basic necessities for the kids from the street that my son, Gadisa, is now housing. My oldest son,Gadisa grew up an orphan on the streets of Addis Ababa and now is the Head of the Children & Womens Department at HopEthiopia. Gadisa is a beautiful example of what it is like to follow Jesus and help those in need that we encounter.

My devotional is a beautiful explanation of how I became the mother of Abel and Gadisa who live in Ethiopia, and the beautiful heart of Gadisa.  I show efforts he  is making in the world around him in Addis Ababa.  This little book is the least I can do to show Jesus in action through another person.  This is what it should look like to follow Jesus,  Gadisa is a beautiful example of what a Christian should look like to this world.  

So please continue to read and see the beauty of Jesus in his follower, Gadisa.   And if you want to play a part in changing this world for the better, please consider donating or purchasing a devotional.  

Thank you for taking your time to read this far. 


Welcome to our website

With love from:   Jessica, Steven, Autumn, Devin, Gadisa, & Abel